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Cómo Aprende Los Colores Los Dinosaurios!!

Bilingual Story Time presents you with free short stories read online with Spanish English sentence translation.

In this post, I am sharing the book Cómo Aprenden Los Colores Los Dinosaurios (How Do Dinosaurs Learn Colors?). This is one of a series of books which I will review below. Watch the video to hear the Spanish English sentence translation, and then you can follow along with the words below.

The awesome thing about this series is that you learn a lot of concepts just reading this neat little children’s book. Don’t hesitate to get yourself a copy and let me know what you think of it!

Un dinosaurio aprende estos colores primero
This is how a dinosaur learns his colors…

Bajo la cama el rojo del camión de bomberos
He sees a red fire truck underneath the bed

Una toalla morada, tirada en el suelo
A purper towel, thrown on the floor

Un cartel verde que dice te quiero
A green card that says I love you

Una bata azul descansa entre dos sillas
A blue robe resting between two chairs

Una pelota rosada, corre corre que la pillas
A pink ball, run run, catch it please

Comida amarilla encima de la mesa
Yellow food on top of the table

Un círculo marron señala una fecha
A brown circle indicates a date

Sobre la pizarra negra dibuja en blanco con tiza
On a black chalkboard, he writes in white with chalk

La mochila anaranjada, corre que tienes prisa
The orange backpack, run, and hurry up

Arco íris en el cielo, arco íris bien pintados
Rainbows in the sky, very beautiful colorful rainbows

Los colores de los dinosaurios están por todos lados
The colors of the dinosaurs are everywhere.


1. In the first sentence the word “aprende” is used and is conjugated to third person which you learn in this lesson: Practice Spanish Verbs, 123!

2. The term “toalla morada” is backwards from English. This literally means ‘towel purple,’ but this the translation of purple towel. Spanish adjectives typically come AFTER the noun, and not before. You will also learn in the lessons that adjectives must agree in gender and number.

3. Notice this same concept again in the term “bata azul,” which means blue robe, and “cartel verde” which means green card.

4. You learn in the lessons that Spanish ar verbs follow the pattern -o, -as, -a, -amos, -an. Notice that “descansa” corresponds with third person (él, ella, usted) because it refers to an object which is like a third party.

5. Notice these additional terms:

pelota rosada
pink ball

comida amarilla
yellow food

circulo marrón
brown circle

pizarra negra
black chalkboard

mochila anaranjada
orange backpack

arco íris bien pintados
Notice here that not only do you have the word “pintado” (which literally means painted, come after the noun), but also, since in this context we are talking about more than one rainbow, an s is added to the end of pintado to agree in number. Since arco íris is considered masculine, pintado ends in -o.

The Cómo….Los Dinosaurios is a series of books that teach children to accept different concepts such as eating politely at the table, going to bed happily and ready to sleep, playing politely and picking up toys nicely.

Here are some examples of other books in this series along with their translations:

Cómo Van A La Escuela Los Dinosaurios?
How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

Cómo Dan Las Buenas Noches Los Dinosaurios?
How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

Cómo Juegan Los Dinosaurios Con Sus Amigos?
How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?

These books are written exclusively in Spanish but I will be adding a lot of these books to my channel so that you can hear the Spanish English sentence translation.

These books are written in Spaniard style Spanish, so some of the words are not used in Mexico and other countries. For example, one of the books uses the word “tobogán” for slide, but slide is typically translated as resbaladilla in Mexican Spanish.

“Pillar” is also not typically used for catching a ball in Mexican Spanish and other Latin American countries. You would simply translate catch to “cachar.” So the sentence would read, corre corre que la cachas.

You can purchase any one of the series of these books here or all of them. For this book, there is no kindle or audio version available at this time.

The tricky thing about the dinosaurs series is that the Spanish is a bit more poetic than straightforward, standard translation. So you won’t see a sentence translated exactly as you expect. Poetic Spanish, however, is beautiful, and is quite common in Spanish literature.

This is why it is important to learn from children’s books, because you will develop a great grasp of how Spanish is spoken in practice. This is why listening to the Bilingual StoryTime videos can help you a lot, in addition to purchasing children’s books and a Spanish grammar workbook.

One Spanish grammar book I highly recommend is entitled “Complete Spanish Grammar.” This book allows you to do exercises to practice your Spanish so that you speak it more confidently when confronted by fast speaking natives. Natives will often not speak slowly enough for you no matter what, because they simply do not understand how fast their language sounds on your ears.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I respond very quickly and am happy to hear from you. You may also message me on my Facebook page.

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