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By Photographer Susan Bordelon. – Photograph provided by Jose Luis Orozco,Jr., Sr. Vice President, Arcoiris Records, Inc. (Copyright Holder), CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Jose Luíz Orozco, Singer of Spanish children’s songs and Author, Autor y Cantante de canciones infantiles del Español

I first found Jose Luis Orozco’s CD about three years ago when I was searching for material to help my daughter learn Spanish. I knew it was important to own a collection of Spanish songs for children.

Hace unos tres años que encuentro yo la música de Jose Luis Orozco, los libros y el éxito de él. En aquel tiempo estaba buscando yo unos recursos para ayudarle a mi hija a aprender el Español. Entendía yo la importancia de música infantíl para enseñarle el lenguaje a uno, mucho más para los niños. Por eso colectaba yo muchas canciones en Español para niños.

I had been digging up fun resources to surround her with the language. I took her to the zoo and spoke to her in Spanish all the time, I would look up interesting names of things in Spanish for her. I bought her lots of children’s story books like Arthur and Olivia, as I mention frequently, but I also bought my daughter Spanish music for children.

Había estado buscando yo unos recursos divertidos para ella para fortalecer su desarrollo del lenguaje. A mi hija la llevaba al zoológico y siempre seguía yo hablando el Español.

También pasaba mucho tiempo buscando nombres de palabras en Español, que sean interesantes o importantes. Le compraba muchos cuentos para niños, cómo los de Arturo y Olivia, cómo menciono con frecuencia en mis publicaciones. También le compraba música.

The song that my daughter first became attached to by Jose Luis Orozco is called “Juanito Cuándo Baila,” Which means, “When little John dances.” The song is very educational because at each point when Jose Luis sings “Juanito Cuándo Baila,” he names body parts in Spanish.

This gives you the opportunity to do a visual demonstration for your child which will make it easier for the child to remember the body parts.

Mi hija se fijó a la canción llamada “Juanito Cuándo Baila.” Esta canción educa mucho a los niños porque en cada parte en la cual dice Jose Luis, “Juanito cuándo baila…” él identifica partes del cuerpo en Español. Pues, con esta canción uno puede presentarle a su hijo las partes del cuerpo mientras cantan juntos.

My daughter particularly liked this song because her brother’s nickname is Nito, and so she associated the song with her brother and asked for it to be played over and over.

A mi hija le gustaba mucho esta canción en particular porque a su hermano mayor le llamamos Nito, y pues a ella se le ocurrió una imagen de su hermano mayor al escuchar esta canción. Pues por eso me pedía ella oír la canción muchíssimas veces.

Another song your children will enjoy, especially if their native language is English, is The Wheels On The Bus in Spanish. My children and I really enjoy Tía Monica (Aunt Monica), Debajo Del Botón (Underneath the Button), Que Llueva (Let it Rain) and El Baile De La Pata (The Duck Dance Song).

Otras canciones que sus hijos van a disfrutar…Las ruedas del camión (The Wheels On the Bus). A mis hijos y yo nós encantan las canciones Tía Monica e El Baile De La Pata.

According to, Jose Luis is not only a singer of bilingual music for children, but also a children’s author as well. He has numerous CD’s and wrote a book entitled, Rin Rin Do Re Mi.

Hay más que compartir del cantante asombroso del Jose Luis Orrozco. También es autor de libros para niños. Esta información encontré en Jose Luis tiene varios discos de música para niños y también este libro entítulado, Rin Rin Do Re Mi.

By Thomas Kohler from Waren , Deutschland – Drum, CC BY 2.0, Link

Studies show that music is just as effective as literature at helping people learn language. In fact, music can be more effective than books because of the repetitive nature of music. Children remember songs easily, especially children’s songs that are intended for repetition.

It is a good idea to have music like this for long rides in the car. This was my way of providing Spanish lessons on the road while we were running errands or going on a family drive.

Según los estudios acerca del aprendizaje del lenguaje, entiendo que la música es tan efectiva cómo la literatura para poder ayudarle a uno a aprender a hablar nuevo idioma. De hecho, es más efectiva la música, porque la música contiene repetición.

Es muy fácil que los niños aprendan de memoria las palabras de sus canciones favoritas. Es buena idea poner música infantil cómo la de Jose Luis Orrozco, cuándo pasean en su coche con sus hijos. Así les provenía yo lecciones de Español a mis hijos, cuándo fuimos de vacaciones, o hacer los mandados.

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  1. Hi Charlotte,

    I used bilingual songs to teach my children Spanish when they were young and found it one of the easiest ways to include Spanish in our day. We would listen to the songs in the car to and from school and I still remember the names of zoo animals (monos, elephantes, giraffas) just from listening to the songs with them!
    I think songs are a really powerful way to learn a language because we don’t take it too seriously! I met a lady in Spain who spoke very good English and she said she learnt it just from listening to modern songs and learning what the words and phrases meant. While there are albums of songs put together for children learning Spanish I’m not aware of any similar albums for adults, are you? Ideally they would be not too difficult, repetitive, and not too fast – that’s the problem I find with most modern music! Can you suggest any Spanish singers whose albums might be suitable for someone trying to brush up on their rusty Spanish?
    Thanks, Rachel

    1. You bring up an interesting point that I should write about. I used to look up the lyrics of songs that I like in Spanish. It is best to find something you like, so get on Pandora or start watching Spanish TV. The more you spend time in the Spanish speaking arena the more artists you will find. Google their lyrics online. When I was a teen I loved Selena. For Selena’s Spanish songs I followed the lyrics on the insert because her CD came with lyrics. Even if the songs are not designed that way, you learn a lot of language by studying a song. I have studied lots of songs and their grammar in particular. Even if the grammar breaks barriers to become a poetic song, you want to come to understand how those barriers were broken and see if you can teach yourself to speak Spanish with that same level of confidence and flexibility, that even when breaking barriers you sound at least somewhat like a native.

  2. I’m trying to teach my daughter to speak Spanish too. She’s only 2 years old and of course, she’s also learning to speak her native language. I try to count the stairs and repeat basic courtesy formulas in Spanish so that she gets used to hear it. I just hope I’m not creating confusion by teaching her 2 languages at the same time.
    I love your idea of having kids listening to Spanish music. I will certainly get her to listen to Jose-Luis Orozco’ s music. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Carolyn, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it! I’m sure your daughter will enjoy it.

  3. At the beginning of 2017 my daughter and I decided that we were going to learn to speak Spanish. Her, because she has dreams of being an attorney some day and knows that being bilingual will help her in this journey; and me because of my entrepreneurial goals and wanting to open myself up to a whole other market by speaking two languages. I did some research when I was starting this adventure, and man I wish I had come across your website. The very first thing I noticed when opening your page was how to learn Spanish for free. This was a great call putting this as one of the pages on your site that people can see right when they go here. Anything free is an eye catcher and especially when you are talking about learning Spanish which can be a costly thing. In the end, I ended up purchasing Rosetta Stone- which has been great don’t get me wrong, but I wonder how many people never get this opportunity because they do not know about free options. I have learned in my own journey that learning Spanish is so much more about immersion in the language than it is about specific lessons and criteria. I think that is something unique that you are offering on your site that is different and this is different ways to show people how to immerse themselves in Spanish and learn just as quickly. I also think you have tapped into something that can be valuable for everyone. Kids are not the only ones that can benefit from these stories. Although they are children’s stories, they cover very basic Spanish just as we did when we were children we learned the basics through stories and flashcards. Reading these stories even as adults would have some of the same benefits as reading them as children because in both cases we are learning language. I could go all day about the benefits of the information you are sharing on your website but I will close by also pointing out that offering resources is also such a great idea. You have really taken the time to get to know what your audience is looking for and spent a lot of time making sure that they get that to the best of your abilities. I very much enjoyed reading your page, and I am excited to see where you go in the future and what else you offer your readers. This is a great idea and people could really benefit from this. Obviously this is your page, but I was thinking it would be awesome to read something about the culture and foundation of the language. Spanish culture is a beautiful one, and part of appreciating and respecting a language is getting the know the general culture in which it comes from. With so much negativity in politics and society right now, it would be awesome if you wrote about the culture behind the language so people could appreciate so much more than the language.

    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback and I will definitely write about my experience with the Mexican culture as I lived among natives for years, but also about other cultures as well. Thank you again!

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