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In this section, I will be providing reviews so that you only select from the best Spanish language programs. These are the top Spanish learning programs, in my opinion. If I stumble across something that I don’t like or would not recommend, I will also share it. This will help you, as an enthusiastic learner, make the best buying decisions.

Breaking Out of Beginner’s Spanish – This book is definitely one of my most favorites among Spanish learning material. One thing to bear in mind is that this is not written like a course book at all.

It is actually written more in straightforward text as if you were reading a novel. So there are no exercises, you would probably want to take notes with it and go over your notes.

The book covers a lot of things that are simply not taught in high school, and that you could never learn from the average Spanish instructor.

It covers changes across different countries, no no words and phrases that you may otherwise not learn to avoid, and explains how different phrases sound on Spanish speaking ears, so while they may be translated correctly to Spanish when said, they may not be the best thing to say at all.

This book is written with the vast majority of Americans in mind, those who have once taken some Spanish, or even advanced to some degree of Spanish.

The reason is that most Americans can speak some Spanish but they need something to help them move to a level of fluency. This book can really help you do that, and that is why I definitely recommend it.

Spanish Verbs – One of my major pieces of advice for new Spanish learners is to focus on the verbs. I really recommend focusing on the verbs early in the game because it will prevent you from burn out later.

In my free Spanish lessons, I start right in on Spanish verbs. However, it will be additionally helpful for you to get a good verb workbook to assist you, especially as you start to put sentences together.

One reason I was able to converse with natives early on in my journey is that I had taught myself all the tenses of Spanish verbs. This made it easier for me to put sentences together. T

This book will help you navigate the Spanish verbs and give you lots of great practice, and that’s why I highly recommend it.

Complete Spanish Grammar (Practice Makes Perfect)

This book is awesome because it comes with an app plus online audio features. You are able to get thorough help with some of the most difficult aspects of Spanish grammar. Are there any drawbacks? I really couldn’t find any.

I have been very content with this series for quite some time. The practice led me from constant error making Spanish to full blown fluency with natives in little time. Spend a little time getting to know the lessons.

There is a variety of ways that the exercises are presented to you. In addition to simple fill in the blanks and multiple choice, you also have the opportunity to write some sentences of your own.

If you elect to get this program, please feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think of it!

Arthur Books

The Arthur series comes with a set of books written in Spanish. This is excellent because it gives you the chance to read complete sentences and paragraphs in every day Spanish language. Children’s books are the best for this concept because the language is on a level that you would need to attain in order to converse with natives. If you read a lot of children’s books, you will be able to converse well with natives.

Obviously some children’s books will be too simple, such as the Caillou series, but this is where the Arthur series comes into play. Arthur’s books are written at a level that can help adults learn Spanish really well simply by reading.

Las Vacaciones de Arturo (Arthur’s Vacation)

This fun book depicts Arthur’s summer vacation with his family. They overcome the challenge of rainy days while out of town and end up making the trip fun in spite of it all. What’s awesome is you can buy copies of this book in both English and Spanish. Having both will help you even more, because then you will have the side by side Spanish English written translation.

Arturo Va A La Casa Blanca, Arthur Goes To The White House (Arthur Meets The President)

In this book, Arthur wins best speech of the class and is expected to deliver it at the White House in front of the president. It doesn’t help at all that his little sister teases him! This book is an exciting read and is available in English as well. Here is a book and CD copy of the English version:

Arturo y El Día De Acción De Gracias

This book is a wonderful depiction of Thanksgiving and what it means. Arthur’s class puts on a play for the school to explain the history and meaning of Thanksgiving day. This awesome book is available in English and Spanish.

Olivia Series

Olivia also has a great series of books that can help you learn Spanish at an adult speaking level. The reason is that these books are written at an age level that would help you learn to converse with a native adult.

Olivia Y Las Princesas

This book depicts a bored, depressed Olivia who wants something more exciting for Halloween than the usual. Read the entire book to find out what Olivia decides to be in the end!

Olivia Y El Juguete Desaparecido Olivia’s Missing Toy

In this book someone gets a hold of Olivia’s toy. But in the end Olivia learns a much more valuable lesson. This sweet book is available in English and Spanish!

Olivia Y La Banda, Olivia Forms A Band

English Book and CD:


This is my most favorite Olivia book because its theme centers around a very exciting holiday, the fourth of July. Olivia is eager to make marching band music and it gets a little annoying for her mommy!

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I respond very quickly and am happy to hear from you. You may also message me on my Facebook page.

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