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The following is a playlist of English Spanish Read Aloud On Youtube, videos with translated children’s stories. In some of the videos I have translated the book myself, in others I am using a bilingual version of the book. The stories mostly come in the form of bilingual Spanish English children books.

What children’s books are your favorite? Don’t hesitate to share! I particularly enjoy creating my own translations of children’s books written in English if there isn’t a translation provided. Feel free to share your favorite children’s book and ask for a translation!

In addition, I enjoy children’s books that are actually written in Spanish. Books like the Arthur series, Olivia, Caillou, Cuándo Sea mayor, and more, all available right here on Bilingual StoryTime as well!

These are all books that I have read to my daughter for years. I spent lots of time in her early years translating books. Why? Although there are plenty of children’s books already available in Spanish, my daughter would sometimes fancy books that were exclusively written in English.

Translating books creates learning opportunity!

This is what opened up a whole new wave of learning for me. It seems you never know enough Spanish to fully translate even a children’s book. There are so many terms in English that seem impossible to translate. It makes me wonder how people learn English!

Not only did this expand my vocabulary, this expanded my overall confidence as an interpreter. In turn, it led to some interesting conversations with bilingüal natives as we would put our brains together to try and figure out how to translate certain English phrases.

This is why I spend my time providing readers like you with videos every week. I want your children to be able to benefit and possibly learn more Spanish, even if you yourself do not speak it. Also, it is important to remember that children’s books not only benefit children, but they benefit adults as well.

All of the language that you use in every day life is found in books about the reading level of Arthur and Olivia. I noticed that the more I read children’s books aloud to my daughter the less I stuttered when I spoke to natives.

Stuttering can be a bit of a challenge for the person who is learning as a foreign speaker because in real conversation, you have to think and speak faster to keep up.

You worry a bit less about the correctness of every single word because you are speaking at a faster rate necessary to keep the flow of your conversation going.

Reading aloud improves speech quality!

This is why reading aloud can benefit you and your child! Taking the time read books like these every day will pretty much guarantee a dramatic speech improvement.

After months of not seeing in any laws, my cousin in law was very shocked to hear me speaking so fast, and like I said, with a lot less stuttering (not that I necessarily stutter a lot, but stuttering will happen, at least for me sometimes).

Imagine how you may even occasionally stutter in English, now try holding a conversation in Spanish, when your memory and word recall ability have to work even harder.

What children stories do you enjoy?

I would really love to hear what short stories your children enjoy. They don’t necessarily have to be super “short.” If you enjoy a certain story that is not already available on Bilingual StoryTime, I would love to include it.

What books do you read with your children regularly? What books and resources have you tried to teach your children Spanish?

I am also open to YouTube collaboration projects. What can we do together as a team to encourage bilingual youth? Bilingüalism is obviously a very important asset to your child’s future, regardless of the career or profession.

All career fields would welcome and prefer bilingual employees over monolingual employees. Spanish will obviously be listed as one of the most important languages that you can possibly learn.

This is why it is such an honor to me to share my passion with people. As I explain in my ‘About’ story, I spent many years studying Spanish and conversing with natives.

Learning Spanish was a huge priority in my life from my young teenage years and now, it is starting to truly work for my benefit. I want to see it work for yours too, and your child’s!

The library doesn’t seem to help enough!

One thing that has always baffled me is that bilingual story time at the library has far more English going on than Spanish.

The books are not translated much at all (and believe me, I have been to libraries where native speakers of Spanish were in charge of their bilingual story time). Just a few simple Spanish words thrown in to the mix and the rest was all English.

No one wanted to make the effort to actually analyze the book to come up with a good translation for every sentence.

This is why I developed Bilingual StoryTime, and in addition to that, I played house with my daughter and made the characters speak Spanish. I didn’t force the game at all, my daughter loves playing house so I simply made sure the language was in Spanish!

I enjoy what I do!

As I stated, I personally enjoy interpreting books. It gives me the opportunity to learn more and expand my own thinking.

I see a strong need for this in libraries, but if nothing else, I will be that library for you. Children need to hear more REAL Spanish instead of a bunch of simple nouns.

Children’s books are better grammar teachers

You obviously can’t explain what a verb is to a young child, but you can model the way verbs are used with real sentences.

This is an even more powerful teacher than a book that explains to you in words what a verb is and how to teach it. Instead, put verbs into action!

This is what you get from a book. Hearing it read aloud, especially alongside of English, is a highly effective tool for young minds to grasp both languages. And again, not only the youngest of minds, but older minds too!

With Bilingual StoryTime, everyone should be learning more Spanish! my mother told me that her hope in learning Spanish is revived again. She feels she has a chance. I am so honored to impart that confidence into her!

Some of the books I have included are Dora, Thomas, Caillou, Frozen, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (La Oruga muy Hambrienta), The Little Engine that Could (La Pequeña Locomotora Que Sí Pudó, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? (Oso pardo, oso pardo, que ves tú?, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Guess How much I Love You (Acierta lo tanto que te amo a tí), Hello Baby, Are You my mother (Eres mi mamá) and more.

You will enjoy all of these stories! Join the mailing list to be the first to know when a new story is added each week and again, feel free to leave requests!

Note: These are just some of the Bilingual StoryTime videos, to see all of them, please go to the Bilingual StoryTime YouTube site. Click on a book cover to hear a story!

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