Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized in Mexico and Latin America

Mexico and Latin America are struggling with a system of extreme poverty and drug war. This is causing a lot of determined yet desperate individuals to attempt migration to the United States to create a better life for their families (if the US is an upgrade to you, life must be tough). In this article I am going to explain why should marijuana be legalized for recreational use in Latin America.

The Government Is Missing Out

It would actually benefit the Mexican and other Latino governments to legalize recreational marijuana because with some other proper measures in place, this would eliminate any need for the government to “give” its citizens money. They would work for it, and I am sure it would be taxed too, right?

With cannabis serving as medication to prevent and cure diseases like cancer, the government would have no need to provide this kind of health insurance.

Maybe cannabis has not saved every cancer patient, but let’s examine cannabis after years of generational usage.

Latinos Would Excel In Cannabis

I have met a lot of Latinos, whether from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador or elsewhere. Every single Latino or Latina I have met is extremely smart, gifted and capable of being a great worker.

Many latinos do not have job, school or career opportunities in their home town and they lack insurance for various things that some Americans take for granted.

Many latinos migrate here to work for bottom dollar. People think that Latinos can just apply to come here legally, but the fact is, many latinos can NOT get into the United States legally. But really, should migration to the US be the real answer?

There are many Latina women who are married or in relationships with abusive men but they stay in the relationship, partially because of the religious teaching that it is wrong to divorce, but also because of inability to make it on their own in America, or anywhere.

I am talking about the older generation that society is gradually destroying. They leave their native country to flee poverty, and they come here to work hard for a few years only to end up with breast cancer. (By the way, cannabis treats breast cancer.)

Many Latino men have DUI’s, that is drinking under the influence of alcohol. This often leads them into lives with serious problems. I knew one young man who struggled here in the states with dui’s, but was killed upon returning to his home country El Salvador, where there are lots of gang violence, prostitution drugs and poverty.

Many Latina women don’t feel confident enough to speak the native language of the country they live in, and the country they come from offers no opportunity. As long as the rich are rich, so some rich people think, life is great. But that mentality is NOT great, because that’s why we have drug wars and illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration, whether you like it or not, has claimed many people’s lives. That should indicate two things very strongly.

One, people are not dying because they are ruthless law defying villains. People are dying in an attempt to find some sort of opportunity for themselves and the people they love.

It is your problem, all right.

Two, illegal immigration is therefore becoming everyone’s “problem,” you know people try to say “that’s not my problem,” but really it is. We all need to promote this message to the governments south of the border…

What About Spanish?

“Latino Americans” are great, but Spanish becomes extinct as everyone including Latinos migrates to the US, as if the US is the only country where life is deserved to be somewhat decent, and even then, you have to “qualify.”

Sure, there are some families who make it a point to teach both languages, but there are also a lot of Latinos here who do not speak really any Spanish at all. While it may not cause them a personal problem, it causes a problem for the language survival as a whole.

Let’s make every country “great again,” as Donald Trump claims about America.

What About Diet?

The traditional cultural diets of Latinos in their native countries are far healthier than the diet of the vast majority of the United States.

The only exceptions are those people here who have learned about traditional diets through research.

Health Insurance? Jobs?

If we combined those elements with what we know about nutrition and health, since we are talking about health insurance and jobs, we might have a better solution for Latin America than northbound, life threatening migration.

Otherwise, we will be skating around drug wars, war, illegal immigration and disease until the human race goes extinct.

Human Race

Notice I said human race. We are all connected. We cannot create better lives for ourselves only, because then all we will create is war, and we live in war this way always. Look how much peace the Colombian government has forfeited itself fighting Afro-Colombians over their land. (More on this later.)


Notice I also said “extinct.” Many people would have used the term “forever” or some equivalent, but it is important to understand that there is no “forever” in cannabis prohibition, cannabis prohibition and lack of knowledge about healthy living is slowly claiming the world as we speak and America is no exception.

Money Ain’t Gonna Matter No More!

With strong susceptibility to cancer and heart disease, it won’t matter what financial accomplishments you have in place.  And Americans are susceptible to diseases like these and diabetes, and many many others, regardless of how “healthy” they see their lifestyles.

Both the Colombian government and the Afro-Colombians could have been spending all that time actually enjoying their “wealth.” The government does not understand that it is going against itself by trying to rob Afro-Colombians of their natural resources.

Unfortunately though this world does not understand what true wealth is.

There are things you can own that can sustain your life far greater than any job, education, medication, pill, diet, health plan, religion or formula. What are these things? They are super foods, and cannabis is one of them.


Mexico has “ventured” to legalize medical cannabis but unfortunately all that does is exacerbate the problems we are having in society as a whole.

There is a problem with legalizing cannabis for medical purposes only. Let’s identify all of them one by one.

1. In Latin American countries, often the wealthier citizens are whites. Either way, having the money to get a medical authorization for a condition in need could be challenging for a less wealthy citizen, say, those who are likely to migrate to the United States.

The ones who are the biggest victims of the problem whose problems will appear to be caused by these victims. Do you follow?

Also, restricting marijuana access to only sick individuals promotes sickness and death. Since the world is going to drive itself extinct really soon with this system, we might want to carefully consider exactly what we promote every morning when we get up. What do you promote? Life or death?

2. Medical marijuana limits jobs. You really should not require a person to have a degree title to help you pick out a strain of weed or even determine your need for the plant.

A lot of people know about cannabis. Latinos are smart and some have farms in their native countries, they could easily grow a lot of plants, sell to others, and build the economy like never before.

3. Cannabis helps with every problem. So therefore it should not be held exclusively for people who are dying, because people will just continue to keep dying. People who are well and eat healthy diets should be able to incorporate cannabis into their regimen to prevent diseases.

For some people cannabis alone can cure disease, but regardless of which type of person you are, you should eat a more traditional diet either way.

4. Cannabis can feed, shelter, clothe, and medicate.

So, what can cannabis do for Latin America? Well, here in Washington state medical marijuana has gone down and recreational stores are literally booming.

In both Washington and Colorado we have seen this money benefit schools plus give lots of people jobs. “Regular” people in the sense that, they are common and overlooked. You and me. Nobody cares about us, right?

Here’s The Thing…

This would really impede the drug war, because in places where exclusive marijuana usage goes up, the usage of dangerous drugs like alcohol, crack and methamphetamines goes down.

If the legal, easy money is in the growing, selling, and distribution of healthy plants that can save lives, the need to smuggle plants into the US only to have them completely wasted by the Federal Agents becomes pointless.

Likewise all the people who are making money selling more harmful illegal drugs should be given a chance to work in the cannabis industry. Everyone is so ashamed of “drug dealers,” but we can create real medicine distributors, and end the war on drugs, plus end a lot of crime.

Let people who grow and sell responsibly get an affordable license to sell their strains which are certified as pure cannabis.

If it is expensive to become a legitimate distributor, all we do is keep people on other drugs, and without jobs, therefore causing problems to society as a whole.

If you think it is not your problem, just think about whether the drug war or terrorism is your problem. Those are everyone’s problems and they don’t have to be anyone’s.

All of our presidents in the US have been liked and disliked. It all depends on the person. But one thing our presidents don’t understand is this.

We cannot make our country “great again” as Donald Trump states, without turning to our fellow country men south of the border and urging them at an opportunity to improve the lives of all of its citizens through the legalization of recreational, not medicinal, cannabis.

This would open up jobs, feed, shelter and medicate people so that they don’t need any government to pay for their health insurance.

Does This Create Drug Addicts and Drug Dependency?

It baffles me that such a question would even dare bud its ugly head during a time of drug war and poverty like the level that the average Latino human being endures in other countries. How far does the human ego go? We can’t end up “drug addicts! No”

For the record, cannabis is not addictive. At ALL. Do you notice that with cannabis being legal there are still many individuals who choose not to smoke for whatever reason?

So it sounds like choosing to smoke or ingest cannabis in any form is a personal decision. It does not create any drug addicts. It creates discernment.

People who smoke or ingest weed tend to understand their personal limits, if any.

There are people who say they don’t need cannabis to be happy. Well, I beg to differ with you. If cannabis can solve the drug war, create jobs, end poverty and illness, your individual “happiness” would have no relevance to what is necessary for the earth. You do not have to smoke weed, but you should not be against it.

Cannabis is a healthy, non-addictive treatment to depression, anxiety, diabetes, cancer, basically all of the things that money ultimately buys you in this world (which is death). Well cannabis treats that. Cannabis is life.

What is a drug addict anyway? The unwanted title? If cannabis were indeed an “addictive drug,” one might rather live with that title than to die of all these modern diseases.

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